Wilderness Supply

Located in Winnipeg, Wilderness Supply is a local outdoor store that has supplied me with many of the necessary items for the trip, such as stoves, pots, a paddle, and a water filtration pump! They're always available to help answer questions; I couldn't have done the trip without them!

WindPaddle Sails

The WindPaddle Adventure Kayak Sail provides a much needed rest on those windy days. Quick to deploy, easy to control, and well-made, the sail is able to withstand the toughest days on the lake, allowing for a break from paddling. Love it! 


The GEARLAB Nukilik paddle is the trip's Greenlandic paddle. The light carbon-fiber design makes it great for long distance paddling, and the replaceable tips makes it ideal for expedition trips. Totally great on windy days! 

Paynes Marine Group

The Standard Horizon HX870 VHF Radio provided by PMG is integral to the safety of the trip. It has a distress button, built-in GPS, and weather stations (plus it floats!). 


Made in Manitoba, GORP Bars taste delicious! If you're an athlete (or a friend of a talkative athlete), you probably know about  how important nutrition is to stay healthy. Kayaking is no different, and I love that GORP Bars provide me the nutrition I need!

About Me

My name is Alex Martin. I'm an 19 year old kayaker from Winnipeg, Manitoba. In the summer of 2018, I completed a solo circumnavigation of Lake Winnipeg (a 1 750 kilometer trip) to raise awareness for the lake, along with photographing along the way! Welcome to the adventure!

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